Please note the prerequisites for a normal installation below:

1. The main thing here is the actual Battlefield Vietnam discs, if you do not have them, please open up a ticket and we can assist from there.

2. The official Battlefield Vietnam V1.21 patch. You can download it from here.

3. Lastly, you will also need the Battlefield Vietnam V1.21 no-cd patch, which you can download here.

Getting Battlefield Vietnam to work on today's hardware can be a bit of task, that is of course if you did not know about us!

After much success, we have successfully assisted many players over the years, both old school and new school, in getting their beloved BFV game working on their PC's. Now we are here to help you! With the above prerequisites in mind, let's get started!

Step 1. Insert that first disc and start the installation as per any other game. When you get to the prompt that has tick boxes show you what will be installed, make sure that only Battlefield Vietnam is ticked. You do not need any of the other stuff.

Step 2. Once the game is finished installing, you can remove the discs and toss them in a box! You won't be needing those discs (unless you need to reinstall at some stage) and prepare to patch the game.

Go to where you saved the V1.21 patched and launch it like a normal application, it may prompt you for Admin privileges - if it does please click Yes - follow the prompts from thereon to finish the patch. It should take a couple of seconds maybe minutes at most.

Important note about patching: The above patch will work for BFV version 1.2. If you have any other version other than V1.2, the patching process will tell you it failed and it will also tell you what version of the game you have installed. If it failed, please open up a ticket telling us what version of the game you have installed and we will assist you in finding the correct patch files.

Step 3. Now, due to windows security updates which prevents many games including BFV from launching legitimately via the disc, we have to make use of a no-cd patch / crack. Go to where you downloaded the V1.21 no cd patch and unzip it using WinRar or 7zip, once that is done follow these steps:

Once extracted, and provided you have not renamed it, you will have a folder titled "bfvietnam-v1.21-patched". Go into this folder and you will have the following files: "Mods", "BfVietnam" & "Simple". 

Copy the "Mods" folder & the "BfVietnam" file and navigate to your Battlefield Vietnam directory.

If you have a 64-bit Windows, you will have the Program Files (x86) folder and that is where your game directory will be located. If you have 32-bit Windows then you will only have the Program Files folder thus that is where you need to go. 

So once you have found where your game directory is, go right into it so you can see all the files. You will know you're in the right directory when you see the two files we copied earlier on - the "Mods" folder & the "BfVietnam" file. So once you are inside this directory paste the copied files and it will ask you if you want to replace existing files. You must allow it to replace the files.

Remember that once you have copied over the no-cd patch files, any shortcut the game made automatically on your desktop will not work. To fix this, delete any shortcut that is already there, go back into your game directory and look for the file titled "BfVietnam". Once found, right click on it and hover your mouse over "Send to" and then click on "Desktop create a shortcut".

Once the Step 3 is done, you are done! Launch Battlefield Vietnam and get cracking in-game! If you need only get your existing BFV install working, please follow Steps 2 & 3. If you experience any issues, we can try and help! Please click here to open a ticket.