In-game console commands:

How to open the console in-game:

  • By default the reverse apostrophe (`) which is colocated with the tilde (~) above the tab key will open larger console window but make sure you have developer console enabled in settings "player, view and hud". By pressing F3 you can open the short console that has only one input row.

How to display current FPS

  • use the following console command: stat FPS

How to completely disable the HUD:

  • If you like a more realistic game experience or want to take a screenshot you can completely turn of the HUD by using the following console command: ToggleHud To bring it back just run the command again.

How to open a map in singleplayer:

  • If you wan't to test a map without the need to join a server use the following console command:
    open MAPTYPE-MAPNAME e.g. open VNTE-HueCity

How join a server by its IP:

  • type into the console: open IP:PORT e.g. open

How to suicide to respawn:

  • if you get stucked somewhere in a map press F3 and type suicide

Location Based Screenshot

  • Type bugit in the console
    This will generate a screenshot in the users Screenshot folder under "mydocs/mygames/rising storm 2/rogame/screenshots" that includes the map coordinates.

If you experience any issues, we can try and help! Please click here to open a ticket.