Racism & Insulting:

We want everyone to have fun while they're on our server, and as such we'd like to ensure the atmosphere has no vibes. To ensure this does not happen, we have zero tolerance for Racism. We will allow "friendly" insults, but it goes over board and breaks our rule when someone starts becoming offended by the insult. This is an old war game, so we tolerate a large degree in the chat. Please use common sense before typing something out.

Chat Spamming:

Please keep all chat game related for the benefit of your team. As easy as it is to distract players from the game or task at hand, it's just as easy for us to take action against such abuse of the chat features. It would also be appreciated if you did not comment any Admin actions against players.

In-Game Names:

We are not overly strict about what names you choose for yourself in-game. It's what defines you and allows others to recognize you when they see you. There are a few no-no's when it comes to names on our server though. We ask that you do not use a default name i.e. Player and we also ask that you keep your name original, but it must not be a name that will come off as derogatory or offending. It must not target any other players in a derogatory way either i.e. mock names. This includes the use of other players names aka name stealing.

No Hacking & No Glitching:

Hacking is severely frowned upon. If you are caught, you will be banned for life with no chance of appeal. If you are found glitching through buildings you will be admin killed & warned, this is not hacking but it is not tolerated. Exploiting any glitch which exists in the game that gives a player an advantage over other players will be met with admin action in the form of a kill and warning to stop.

We follow a Kick & Ban system:

If it is believed that you are breaking the rules, you will be kicked. If you return and carry on breaking the rules you will be banned. If you are banned, you'll find your ban entry on our Discord server's ban list channel for RS2V. If you feel your ban was wrongly made, you may appeal it by opening a ticket. Once done Admins will review your ban and respond in a timely manner.

In the event that an Admin is not online in-game, and a player is breaking our rules, we encourage you to report them! You can report players the same way as appealing a ban, by opening a ticket and supplying us with any info you have on the player breaking our rules.

If you experience any issues, we can try and help! Please click here to open a ticket.