Affiliation T's & C's

Any individual or company that wishes to enter into an affiliation agreement with Fireside Gaming Community must conform to the following criteria. Fireside Gaming Community reserves the right to terminate an affiliation agreement at any given stage.

Affiliation can be a great way for communities to share a player base, without officially becoming a unified community in an official sense.


The affiliate applicant, the duly appointed representative of the community the applicant wishes to affiliate with Fireside Gaming Community, must understand and accept the following criteria in order to proceed.

An applicant may not apply for affiliation with Fireside Gaming Community if:

  1.  The community he/she represents contains an unfriendly environment.
  2.  The sharing of inappropriate content (NSFW) or otherwise is allowed.
  3.  There is no language filter I.e. vulgar language is allowed. The occasional F-bomb is not a concern, repeated vulgar language is a concern.


If the above criteria is met, the applicant may apply for affiliation by submitting a ticket and using the "affiliation" category. The ticket link is here.

When submitting an application for affiliation, please copy and paste the following template into your ticket. With the form filled out:

  1. Discord or community link:
  2. Owner of the community:
  3. Special Requests:

Once submitted, a representative of Fireside Gaming Community will visit the applicant's community and then respond accordingly.

If the application is accepted, the following will happen:

  1.  The applicant's community link will be shared via our channels that have an "affiliate" section. If this is a Discord server link, and the applicant has joined our Discord (servers) the applicant will receive the "Affiliate" rank as well as be mentioned in the affiliate channel above their server invite link.
  2. The applicant must share our main Discord server join link: via an official "affiliate" section on their community.
  3.  That is it!